Protect your most valuable data.

Your Intellectual Property – a competitive advantage

Secure Innovation is about identifying and protecting the information, that really matters for the strength of your competitive position. Based on knowing what information needs which level of protection, you can then choose the right measures to protect your competitive edge, based on your Intellectual Property. Also, it´s important to enable efficient and effective knowledge sharing and not to make security an everyday hassle in terms of usability.


Identify & Classify

Information Classification is the foundation for any succesful security management. By identifying & classifying all information which is processed in your organization, an information landscape is created. Once this is done you can develop a security guideline on how to handle information within your company.


Through simple organizational and behavioral measures, you can already do a lot to protect your intellectual property by embracing simple processes and by raising awareness of your employees. Technical measures in addition to an innovative, yet security conscious culture, help to keep classified information safe.

Keep Up & Evolve

Don´t spend millions to create innovation to jeopardize your competitive advantage. Your security guidelines must be solid enough to protect your Intellectual Property, yet flexible enough to support innovation and knowledge transfer in today’s sharing economy.


We became much better in protecting our competitive edge – thanks to having classified our information and protecting it where necessary, while still sharing the knowledge effectively

Leader of a worldwide leading German Life Science Company


More than 10 years of experience in Information Classification & Security

Simon Schoop

Knowledge, Change & Project Management

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Michael Roth

Identification, Classification & Protection

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Antonio Argibay da Silva

Identification, Classification & Protection

Antonio Argibay da Silva

Marco Barth

Technical Protection & Databases

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